A Story Worth Sharing.....

The title says 'Pencinta Manik' which translate to 'beads lover'. How appropriate and very accurate when telling the stories about this wonderful group of beautiful and talented, sometimes chaotic, most of the time exceedingly talkative but overall fun, fun, fun to be acquainted with.......simply because they share the same passion as I do. And that is beading.

Under the column called 'Hati' which means heart this article was published few days ago in a local newspaper (Harian Metro) on how a group of friends who got to know each other mostly from the popular social network Facebook meet every once in a while to share our knowledge, bead work and such. Most of us are homemaker so we do have a lot of things in common.

What most captured my attention when I read this article was the tag line 'terapi minda' that they use to overall describe why we do the thing that we do. 'Terapi minda' or mind therapy are right indeed. Beading has help me build my self confident, motivate me and help me enhance my talent. Since I've been beading I have made friends with lots of people and have enjoyed my life more and my days have been less stressful indeed, thanks to beading. And I most definitely grateful for the profit that comes along with it. I just wish more people out there would learn this skills and share this interesting and mostly lucrative hobby.

Link*Find out more on how you to can share this hobby with me here.

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