Coffee Break
from left: Datin Elly, Yati Manik, Doris Jani(me), Sunnies Mas, Datin Norsimah

strike a pose gurlz!!!! Gedik santai......

Beaders gathering lagi??? No......ini cuma ngeteh bersama di SACC mall Shah Alam. Sometimes in life we just need to take a break and smell some fresh air or in this case fresh coffee (fresh ke coffee dia??). Apa-apa pun sambil menyelam minum air, sambil nak refresh badan dan otak yg berserabut jumpalah geng beader and lepak sebentar....
This meeting however was so short notice hence only a few were invited. Maklumlah yg lain-lain tu berkerja. But we did have a great time together even thou Datin Elly had to rush back to Bukit Antarabangsa......lucky for her, she did bring her turbo that day. TTYL gurlzzzz..

* pictures are courtesy of Datin Elly

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